Kevin Strauslin gives his all building a local business with his craft on a shoestring budget.  His passion for the art form and his love of being able to do what he loves, keep him striving forward, determined to make the business work.  Kevin was doing business in Eugene for five years.  His son Tyler, then 17, joined in the business after the first year.    This art form seems to come natural for Kevin and the quality of his work continues to get better and better!  He has been told by many pro carvers that he is producing better quality pieces in the first few years than anyone they have seen.  

Kevin began carving while working in his original trade, drywall.  He sculptured and carved using gypsum materials such as drywall and mud.  He pushed it to the limits artistically, but always felt he could not do what he really wanted with the materials.  He started playing around with chainsaw carving in 2004.  He moved to Eugene in 2006 and started carving with chisels.  In 2008 he started working with a local carver and by the end of the year he had taken over the shop and began his own carving business.  Carving comes natural to Kevin.  He feels this is his true calling.

Wife, Sue, joined the crew when she began making tie-dyed clothing in 2011 and contributes art to the gallery with her acrylic and oil paintings.  She is also the business manager.

We have recently relocated to Salem Oregon, and are located at 3795 Blossom Drive NE, Salem, OR  97305.  We have a brand new building that consists of a gallery/show room with a viewing window where you can watch the chainsaw artists at work with little or no noise and dust.  We are open Monday through Saturday from 9-5. We have also upgraded our website where you can now place orders online for gallery items or place custom orders for sculptures and/or tie-dye. In the spring of 2014 we began offering chainsaw carving workshops and reservations are now being accepted from our website.

Son Tyler, continues working with his father Kevin part-time, and Tyler's fiance has also joined in with the creations as well, so it's a real family affair.

Every piece they create is hand-crafted with chainsaws, grinders, chisels, routers and sanders and range from cute unique gifts to 12 ft tall sculptures.  The benches, chairs and tables built only out of 1, 2 or 3 separate pieces of wood are incredibly solid structures and they have beds for the rustic cabin look.  They have rocking bears and snails for the little ones to ride, water features, swinging bears and other sculptures for the yard, all sorts of signs and plaques for inside or out, unique affordable gifts such as bears, squirrels, turtles, frogs, fish, dogs, cats, eagles, pigs, etc.  Then there are the elaborate sculptures worthy of a gallery setting or fancy show piece for the home.   The finish they use is suitable for outside as it is the same finish they use for log cabins yet has the sheen of a varnished look.  The pieces will last a long time outside with occasional re-application of the finish.

People always shows incredible interest, curiosity and intrigue in what Kevin does for a living, because of the unique nature of what he does, perhaps because secretly many of them wish they could venture out and do something as creative and fun.  Help show your support for the art of Chainsaw Sculpture by purchasing some of his Chainsaw art and/or furniture.