About Us


Our Products

We specialize in chainsaw art,  sculptures and custom wood furniture.  Our award winning master carvers can create anything you can imagine.  We also offer oil and acrylic paintings.  We do custom orders and stump jobs where we can make your fantasies come to life!  We also have a large variety of custom chainsaw sculptures to please everyone!  We have something that will put a smile on your face or thrill your little ones!  If we don't have what you are looking for, just ask! We do special orders all of the time!   Come see our Chainsaw Art in Salem, Oregon.


More than Just a Store

Can a store be more than just a place to buy cool stuff? Absolutely! We provide interactive demonstrations for entertainment at indoor or outdoor events!  We also offer carving workshops where you can learn how to carve and we also have a gallery that displays our carvings and paintings for sale and a workshop where customers can watch the artists at work.  Our staff is always on hand to ask questions about what you are looking for.  Their creative ideas will amaze you!


Our Creative Team


We are a family of artists, with the primary focus being chainsaw sculpture. Father, Kevin, and son, Tyler, work side-by-side carving with chainsaws, and wife and mother, Sue, paints with oil and acrylic. As a family of artists, we want to share our passion for art and creativity to help spark imaginations. Our passion for wood was the inspiration for our woodworking shop and gallery and the design of our newly renovated historic home and bed and breakfast.